Oct 7, 2011

Uc SafeBox Best Tool For Creating Backups For Symbian And Android (English Version)

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Functions and Features:
1. The backup/restores individual data The security preserves on your handset's address book, the short note, the telephone conversation record, the calendar, the UC browser and the bringing browser bookmark. After replacing the handset or the standard machine, may facilitate-restoration to original condition.

2. Backup/restore personal data  Security save your contacts on the phone,SMS,call history, calendar,UC browser and comes with browser bookmarks.
3. Backup/restore phone software  Management has installed mobile phone software, including backup/recovery software, install the software automatically checks for updated version.
4. Uc Safebox Support Mobile Optimization for boosting your phone's performance.

Types Of Backup Provided By Uc Safebox

1. Network Safe : The network safe is to provide you with secure encrypted network storage services, use the UC account logged in, your personal data and mobile phone software can backup to a network server. Secure data transmission using high-strength encryption algorithms to ensure data security.
2. Mobile Storage  :  Personal data can be built back up to the phone memory or memory card, no networkcan also protect your personal data.
3. SIM card  :  Contact information can be saved to the SIM card, inserted into the phone after the other can contact your family and friends.
4. Bluetooth phone to send to other  : Transmitted via Bluetooth to back uppersonal data passed to other mobilephone, easy to move your important personal data. 


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