Dec 31, 2011

Eset Nod32 Usernames And Passwords - 31 December 2011

Here are the latest keys for Eset NoD32 Smart security and Antivirus 

Username: TRIAL-57864401
Password: mc34sp47xr
Expiration: 29//01/2012

Username: TRIAL-57864403
Password: cpfera4kdm
Expiration: 29//01/2012

Username: TRIAL-57864410
Password: buna8k2v8k
Expiration: 29//01/2012

Username: TRIAL-57864419
Password: xebepfvkhd
Expiration: 29//01/2012

Username: TRIAL-57864876
Password: 7x34pvb3u2
Expiration: 29//01/2012

Username: TRIAL-57864888
Password: edvb2djkv4
Expiration: 29//01/2012

Username: TRIAL-57864837
Password: 4a48c8mpuf
Expiration: 30//01/2012

Username: TRIAL-57864837
Password: 4a48c8mpuf
Expiration: 30//01/2012

Username: TRIAL-57864910
Password: ch8ccnc5h8
Expiration: 30//01/2012

Username: TRIAL-57864892
Password: 7v5amu67n7
Expiration: 30//01/2012

Username: EAV-42820632
Password: htcrp27sdt
Expiration: 12/01/2012

Username: EAV-42820633
Password: cb5fj3han8
Expiration: 12/01/2012

Username: EAV-51526916
Password: kpvr48kr5n
Expiration: 13/03/2017

Username: EAV-54883696
Password: mr67m6a7ha
Expiration: 30/12/2012

Username: EAV-54883700
Password: dac6akusad
Expiration: 30/12/2012

Username: EAV-54883706
Password: f2savthksv
Expiration: 31/12/2012

Username: EAV-54888115
Password: 2j63cejvkx
Expiration: 31/12/2012

Username: EAV-54888163
Password: 6x285s55kp
Expiration: 31/12/2012

Username: EAV-56976383
Password: dnmsbum4x8
Expiration: 20/01/2012

Username: EAV-56976385
Password: kcmn6pxr24
Expiration: 20/01/2012

Username: EAV-56976387
Password: bp535ax6ev
Expiration: 20/01/2012

Username: EAV-56976388
Password: 67urxcanpb
Expiration: 20/01/2012







Dec 30, 2011

New HTTPS supported Hi-Speed Proxy For Airtel

Now you can enjoy hi-speed net and Surfing HTTPS sites like Facebook and Gmail. So Dont wait Follow the below Procedure and Start using it before it stops.
Connect the Phone to the PC using APN as and Make the following setttings in your browser and IDM.

Proxy =
Port = 80
Homepage =

Proxy =
Port = 80
Homepage =

You will see the homepage as in above image enter the URL address in the text box and click surf now.

For making proxy settings in IDM see my older post about Making Proxy settings in IDM.
Also See My Last post about PC TRICK FOR AIRTEL 

Any problem then please comment.

Dec 29, 2011

Send Free SMS Using Facebook To Anywhere In the World

Why to use other websites when you can send SMS directly through Facebook: The world's Best Social networking website. See The below Steps to Send Free sms.

How to Send Free SMS via Facebook:
  1. Login to your Facebook Account and go to
  2. When the Request and Permission window opens then click on Allow button.
  3. Select the country where you want to send the SMS.
  4. In the Phone Number field give your Friends mobile number and in the SMS text field type your message.
  5. After this click on Send SMS button and your SMS will be delivered within few seconds.
    The sent message will contain the First name of your Facebook with your message. 

UC Browser 8.2 Beta English For Java, Android and Symbian

Its latest UC browser 8.2 beta translated English version for Android, Java and Symbian Devices.

Translation Improvements:
1. English Download Page
2. English Error Page.
3. Full English Server
4. English Help Page.
5. English LCID, so no Redirection to Chinese Page.

New Features in Android Version:
1 [HTML 5] upgrade to run 210 minutes, in the pages, multimedia, details of the deal is more perfect
2 upload box more stylish layout and style, choose to support a variety of upload methods, share accurate and quick
3 Turn down the volume keys , page list in the end
4  significantly improve network speed, open the web faster and more efficient
5 Video broadcast optimal adjustment of the operation even easier.
The UC Browser v8.2.0.116 for Symbian S60v3 (Build 1112231) is sport a new festive splash screen and automatically issued afestive warm splash screen. Its now more convenient to send text messages. UC supports incoming call through the browser, sending text messages, browsing the web, send text messages to share in one step.
The UC Browser v8.2.0.116 for Java is now better for both touch and non touch phones, its optimized for touchscreen phones and menu will be accordingly your phone. It has different menu style for touch phones which is much easy to touch the menu items. You can easily select menus options in your Java touch screen phones.

UC Browser 8.2 Beta (Java)
UC Browser 8.2 Beta (S60v3 and S60v5)  

Dec 26, 2011

Internet Download Manager(IDM) 6.08 Build 3 With Patcher

Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multi-part downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download accelerators and managers that segment files before downloading starts, Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process. Internet Download Manager reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve better acceleration performance.
Whats New In IDM 6.08 Build 3
  • Lots Of bugs are Fixed
  • Added socks support 
  • Redesigned video stream recognition for web players. Added support for new types video sites  
  • Added Supported For Firefox 9
How To apply the Patch and Key to the IDM
  1. Download The IDM with Patcher from below Link.
  2. Extract the downloaded file and intsall the IDM.
  3. Now Open the PATCHER BY HACKERS333.exe
  4. Click on the "Patch Server Check"  and then click on "Clear previous registration data"
  5. Now Open the IDM and click on Registration option,
  6. Enter your Name, Email ID and Paste the Key from the Patcher and click OK.
  7. You are done now.