Dec 9, 2011

Opera 11.60 Stable Version Released Now

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Opera 11.60 released just now. The new update contains some improvements, redesigns, new features and also more support to the new web standards! So, it’s getting ready for the Future Web.

In this new Opera 11.60, they have redesigned its interface to keep up with the rest of the UI.Opera is famous for making things faster. In this release, they have adopted a new network code which will load SSL enabled sites more faster. Normally, they are slower than the normal pages due to encryption.

Apart from those changes, under the hood, there are some big improvements. For example, now they have better support for HTML 5 with their new html parser named Ragnarök. We saw this parser first in a development release of Opera 12. But they have finally decided to push it to the current version.

he address field has been revamped with new search suggestions, and you can also find your favorite websites faster in the results list. To add pages to your bookmarks or Speed Dial instantly, just press the star in the address field. Opera 11.60 offers significant improvements to the browser engine, providing a faster and more stable Internet experience. Enjoy improved website compatibility, faster page loading, and a higher level of overall stability when browsing.

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