Dec 11, 2011

New Pc Trick for All Airtel Users

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Friend we all know that VPN tricks are stopped in most part of India. Now only the proxy tricks are working , so here i am showing one of the proxy trick.

Connect the Phone to the PC using APN as and Make the following setttings in your browser and IDM.

Proxy =
Port = 80
Homepage = or

You will see the homepage as in above image enter the URL address in the text box and click surf now.

For making proxy settings in IDM see my older post about making Proxy settings in IDM.

In 2G its very very slow, so this trick is not for 2G users, 3G users can enjoy hi-speed browsing and downloading.
Any problem then please comment.
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Anonymous said... [Reply]

Can i use gsm or cdma sim in single usb modem plz any one answer?

tashreef said... [Reply]

hey it's working in my nokia \63 with opera mobile.. browsing isbit slower but downloads with max speed of 38 KBs and average speed of 6KBs....

krupesh said... [Reply]

@Anonymous No u cant use GSM and CDMA sim in a single Modem. U hav 2 buy separate Modem for CDMA sims.

krupesh said... [Reply]

@tashreef On mobile its very slow, Its giving me 20Kbps on Opera Mobile 11.5.
Dont use proxy trick on mobile, USe and Opera 6.5 Mod as it gives 150-200Kbps of speed

amit said... [Reply]

PD PROXY is still working for me over tcp port 443

amit said... [Reply]

krupesh, Is there any VPN that tunnels tcp for free?

pradeep said... [Reply]

is it workin till.....
How much speed is givin....

Anonymous said... [Reply]

where the the option of proxy,port and homepage come. pls tell me...........

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