Jan 8, 2012

Firefox 10.0 Beta 3 Released For Windows, Mac and Linux

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What’s New on Firefox 10.0 Beta 3
  1. The forward button is now hidden until you navigate back
  2. Anti-Aliasing for WebGL is now implemented.
  3. Full Screen APIs allow you to build a web application that runs full screen.
  4. CSS3 3D-Transforms are now supported.
  5. HTML5 Fix. New <bdi> element for bi-directional text isolation, along with supporting CSS properties
  6. Inspect tool with content highlighting, includes new CSS Style Inspector
  7. For DEVELOPER. added IndexedDB APIs to more closely match the specification
  8. FIXED Some users may experience a crash when moving bookmarks.
Firefox 10.0 Beta 3 For Mac
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