Jan 20, 2012

New Working TCP Based VPN For Airtel 2G and 3G 2012

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In most of the states of India UDP 53 port is blocked, but TCP port is still open. Now use this TCP VPN and Start downloading and surfing. 

If UDP 53 port is not blocked in your state use VPN from my last post http://hackers333.blogspot.com/2012/01/new-working-vpn-for-airtel-2g-and-3g.html.

  1. Download the VPN from below link.
  2. Now connect your mobile/Modem using APN: airtelgprs.com 
  3. Connect the VPN as usual (Refer DenVpn Trick for Complete procedure for connecting the VPN).
  4. Enjoy the free net on the PC.

NOTE: If you want this trick should work for long time then please do not Download Torrents.  

Feel free to comment if you have any problem.

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

not working

Anonymous said... [Reply]

yes bro its not working in up also

Anonymous said... [Reply]

not working plz get another trick

akash said... [Reply]

me it's work fine

Anonymous said... [Reply]

not working in gujrat

jake said... [Reply]

not working in m.p

deepak said... [Reply]

working in uttarakand, thanx

Anonymous said... [Reply]

working in all over earth

Anonymous said... [Reply]

not working in chennai

vivek kumar said... [Reply]

Still not downloading? Repair your download...
aisa likha aa rha hai koi aur site ka link hai toh do ....

vijivihar said... [Reply]

jeete raho krupesh ..bhagwaan God Allah tumhari sab ikchayen poori kare!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Not work in u.p

krupesh said... [Reply]

@vivek kumar Download it from here http://flashmirrors.com/files/1x9jricv9xw1hfs/TCP%20VPN%20By%20Hackers333_2.zip

krupesh said... [Reply]

@vijivihar thanx 4 ur comment bro.

suhaibkashmiri said... [Reply]

working fine but speed is slow yar

Anonymous said... [Reply]

working fine i m chennai but speed slow :(

shubham said... [Reply]

thanks bro, when i go to 'network connections and enebled unpluged tap win32 adapter' then connecting its successfull connected. but its take me only 30-50 kb/s speed. please post new tricks with high speed. Thanks...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Not working in rajasthan.

UDP works here not TCP.


krupesh said... [Reply]

@Anonymous Here is UDP Vpn http://hackers333.blogspot.com/2012/01/new-working-vpn-for-airtel-2g-and-3g.html

Anonymous said... [Reply]

tcp vpn is not working in haryana pls give me another vpn trick

Anonymous said... [Reply]

tcp vpn is not working in haryana pls give me another vpn trick at bhatiavinod88@gmail.com and udp port is blocked in haryana

Vivek Kumar said... [Reply]

not connecting yaar ....
aaj say connect he nhi ho rha ...

Vivek Kumar said... [Reply]

@krupeshnot connecting yaar ....
aaj say connect he nhi ho rha ...

raaj said... [Reply]

step no3. vpn ko cpnnect kaise karu....? esme pass.txt nahi hai.. pls help..

krupesh said... [Reply]

@raaj No need of any pass.txt , connect directly

vivek kumar said... [Reply]

^ reply yaar koi sa bhi vpn connect ni ho rha

tazz1667 said... [Reply]

krupesh bhai

Unknown said... [Reply]

krupesh bhai hw r u??
hw do we come to know tht udp is blockd or not in our state...???

mic90 said... [Reply]

Sad news: All vpns blocked by airtel all over India
My friends disaster has struck home with the cancellation of 2G licences of many new telecom operators there will blocking of tricks as operators now need not popularise their network anymore. Operators just need to bring some more mobile number portability advertisement and that's it. So, it has happened. All working vpn tricks are blocked all over India by Airtel. As my friend said,"end of an era". I too feel so. Everything gone! Its a most hopeless situation for us. From morning 10am Iam not able to connect and its the same situation in tamil nadu, delhi, up, west bengal, haryana, maharashtra, mp, jammu everywhere...

mic90 said... [Reply]

@vivek kumarBro. all the vpn are blocked all over india from sat. feb 4 2012 at 8:10 am onwards.

vivek kumar said... [Reply]

^ ha yaar ho gya sab block

PENIS KELUAR NANAH said... [Reply]



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