Jul 9, 2011

Airtel New PC Trick Using Front and Back Query

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Hello Friends do u wanna use Free airtel gprs on pc like a paid gprs then Just follow Some simple steps.

First of all u will need OPERA Browser for Pc.

then connect your Phone to Pc Using Airtelgprs.com

and then just open Opera and goto:

menu > Settings > preferences > search

and click on add.

in the name just type.

in keyword type


and in the address type ur front query and after the front query type %s

If u r using back query the use %s before the backquery.

Ex :

if ur Front query Is


then just type %s after the Front query...



now check the set as default and save it after that just type your site in the addressbar with @ in the front.

like u want to browse google.com

then type @ google.com in the address bar...

Front queries which u can use with this trick:

Few more front queries:
note: donot forget to put %s after these front queries..

if you want to use back query use like this

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