Jul 23, 2011

What is .Prov File ? How To Use it on S40 Mobile Phones ?

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What Is .prov File

S60 Devices and most of The Other Phones Supports Creating Of New and Dynamic Settings Such as we can create new settings with Ip, Apn and Port Configuration. But For S40 Users There is no support for all above things that are mentioned above.

But there is a way To Create custum and Dynamic settings, by Using .Prov files. The prov Files will Help all S40 Users To Use all The GPRS Hacking Tricks on the S40 Phones. This Tutorial is For newbies.

How To Use PROV File
1.Download Prov Files to Computer or any other Devices 

2.Send .Prov Files to S40 Devices Via BlueTooth
3.Your S40 Mobile Will recognize it as Gprs Settings and Promote You to save it
4.From Your phone menu, go to Settings and goto Configuration and go to Default Configuration Settings Change the default to the settings you just downloaded
5.Also go to access point and select it as prefered access point. Then select the option ”activate for all applications
6.Thats all you have to do.

NOTE:- a)The Prov file should be transferred to S40 device Via Bluetooth only
             b)If you Downloaded .prov file to your S40 Phone, then you have 
                to  transfer it to PC or Other Mobile Phone(Not S40 Phone) and 
                then again transfer it to Your S40 mobile Via Bluetooth

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Thnx. help me a lot !!

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