Jul 6, 2011

Increase Speed of Your Computer & Clean RAM without Any Software

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There is a Trick by which we can Increase our Computer Speed without using any Software. Wondering how?
Here is a Trick to Clean the RAM of Computer which would finally result in Increasing Speed of our Computer.
To use this Trick just follow these simple steps :
1) Open Notepad
2) Type FREEMEM=SPACE(64000000).
3) Save it as CleanRam.vbs.
4) Run this File.
5) Now our Computer would work faster then earlier.

Tip : If we are in the middle of our work and our Computer is constantly suffering from freeze up, then this
Trick could be used to Increase the Computer speed.
So it is a simple Trick to Clean RAM and Increase Computer Speed without any Software. 

BY http://www.toptricksandtips.blogspot.com/
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