Jul 15, 2011

How to Get Your Application Signed For S60 V3,V5 & S^3 Users

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Follow this steps 
  1. Goto www.shoujizu.net/en/ and Register there.
  2. Once You  register and logged in there u will get a page which tells You to Enter IMEI No.(Press *#06# on S60v3, v5 and S^3)
  3. You have to wait for few hours to downlaod files. You Will get two Files To Download one is .key extention and other one is .cer
  4. Download both these files and download Signsis Gui.exe
  5. Install SignsisGUI on PC and select key,Cer files and the application which u want to sign

Note: You can also sign apps on mobile by using freesigner,Signsis and Dyna File  
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Anonymous said... [Reply]

after more than 24 hours,im still unable to download both files from shoujizu.What i do?

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