Aug 21, 2011

Free net with Ucweb And Opera Mini For Reliance Users

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1.Opera Mini Handler
First of all create a net connection with following settings:
proxy address- ,
in ip adress put this-

After this download opera mini handler and put this in custom

socket Server-

2.Ucweb Handler

First of all download any uc handler, Make New Settings ad Mentioned Above
and put 

Front query : 
Its tested and 100% working.

UCWEB 7.9 Handler
Opera 6.1 Handler
Bolt 2.52 Lite Handler
Opera Mini 6.1 Handler.apk for Android  
Download More Handlers
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karthik said... [Reply]

its not working.always disconnecting

Krupesh333 said... [Reply]

Ifu hav Disconnection Problem then Use this

Mahesh said... [Reply]

Working, Thanx

karthik said... [Reply]

not working

not working

Yogesh said... [Reply]

Working For me.....Thank u sir.

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