Aug 14, 2011

Now Play Games In Google Plus

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A Good news for all Google+ lovers is that Google announced the launch of Games for Google plus Yesterday. The Titles include Angry Birds, Bejeweled Blitz, Zynga Poker  Crime City, Diamond Dash And Many More. Also It seems that Google is very much concern about the distraction factor. That’s why Google is paying more attention towards the presentation of these games on your profile page. Because Google don’t want these games to interrupt your +1ing, sharing etc. At present Google added 16 Games to Goolge Plus

The game button will be available at the top of the profile page where other table are shown just have a look on the following Image

How to play games in Google+
If you want to play game on Google plus, just click the Games icon that is shown at the top of Google plus along with circle icon. You can see lists of games as well as you can see latest games played on your circle in game page. Browse through Featured games, or click All games on the side of the page to view a full list. Once you’ve found a game you want to play, click Play, review any permission the game is requesting and get going!

As you play your game, you might have the opportunity to share game updates, gifts, and messages with your circles. You can also invite people in your circles to join you. According to Google, When people in your circles share game updates, you’ll see them in your Games stream. Game invitations, gifts, and messages will show up in Game notifications.So friends Enjoy playing Games With google plus!!!!!

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