Aug 23, 2011

New Firefox 7 Beta Is Available For Download

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New in Firefox Beta for Windows, Mac and Linux:
  • Optimized Memory Use: Reduces memory use and improves performance areas including responsiveness, startup and page load time, even in complex websites and Web apps
  • Improved memory management: The JavaScript garbage collector works more frequently to free up memory and improve performance when you have many tabs open or keep Firefox running for a long time
  • Enhanced Firefox Sync: Your data syncs faster when a bookmark or password is added or changed
  • Azure Direct2D for Canvas: Helps Firefox speed up HTML5 Canvas-based animation rendering
  • Web timing spec: Enables developers to measure page load time and site navigation so they can identify how to make website performance improvements
  • CSS 3 Text-Overflow: ellipsis: Additional way for developers to display CSS 3 text that overflows the layout area
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