Nov 5, 2011

Firefox 8 Beta 6 and Aurora 9 Beta 2 Available For Download

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New in Firefox Beta for Windows, Mac and Linux:
  • Twitter Search: Firefox Beta adds Twitter as a default search option to make searching #hashtags and @usernames easier
  • Enhanced control of add-ons: Users will receive a one-time notification to review and confirm third party add-ons they want to keep, disable or delete. When Firefox starts and finds that a third-party program has installed an add-on, Firefox will disable the add-on until the user has explicitly opted in, giving users better control over their Web experience.
  • HTML5 Native Right Click Menu: Web developers can now add items directly to the Firefox right click menu using simple HTML5 markup.
  • HTML5 media elements: Developers can add a lot of video and audio elements to a website without impacting performance
What’s New for Firefox Aurora for Windows, Mac and Linux:
  • New Type Inference Technology: Firefox Aurora introduces Type Inference, a new JavaScript engine optimization that makes the browser faster than the current Firefox on Kraken and V8 JavaScript benchmarks.
  • JavaScript DNT Detection:Web developers can now use JavaScript to detect if a user has asked to opt out of behavioral tracking.
  • Additional support for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion): Firefox Aurora updates the new application toolbar and icon styles of Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and includes support for the two-finger swipe navigation gesture and improved multi-monitor support.
  • Support for Chunked XHR: Firefox Aurora now supports chunking for XHR requests. This allows websites to display data as it arrives instead of waiting for an entire download to complete.
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