Nov 27, 2011

iPadian: Worlds First iPad Emulator For Windows

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Guys have you ever tried to get something from Apple's iOS on your Microsoft's Windows? Your answer will be surely 'NO' , But not anymore, as world first iOS emulator for windows is released now.iPad iOs emulator is named as iPadian. The iPadian brings an iPad experience on Windows operating system. The best thing about this emulator is n need to install it ! just open the iPadian.exe file and within seconds see the  iPad interface infront of you. It comes with standalone Adobe air application, Full Screen preview, Custom App Store, Games, Free music & videos, Webkit browser, Support Facebook notifications, messages and Social Chat.

iPadian provides app store from where you will be able to install some extra applications (other than those that return pre-installed with it). The right-side window allows you to access Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Gmail and Bing.

The iPadian comes with a Safari browser so you don’t have to minimize iPadian whenever you wish to browse the online. Here is screenshot of my blog using the iPadian Safari Browser.
You can chat along with your Facebook friends, update your Google+ status, tweet along with your Twitter friends, watch YouTube videos, create notes and do all different things. iPadian is a free portable and open source software. iPadian works well with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.  

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