Jun 12, 2011

10 Ways to to Protect Yourself from MObile Phone Radiation

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With the World Health Organization confirming the fears established earlier, that there is “a possible connection between cell phones and two type of brain tumors: gliomas and acoustic neuromas,” or in simple words: cancer, there is an increasing sense of panic among mobile users. However there are ways that you can protect yourselves from these effects.

The effects start showing on people who constantly use their mobile phones (on an average) for at least 30 minutes daily. So the main precaution you can take is to reduce your phone usage.
Just keep these tips in mind :
  • Reduce phone usage the most you can.
  • Use headphones or hands-free kits, as they keep you away from the radiation emitted by the phones. You could also use the speaker mode while calling.
  • If available use a land-line phone.
  • Text instead of calling.
  • Keep your calls short.
  • Strive for minimal usage in areas having low signal (1 bar) such as rural areas.
  • Don’t allow small children to use mobile phones, unless necessary. Radiation may penetrate deeper due to their skulls still being in a development stage.
  • Don’t cover the area, where the internal antenna is located within your phone (mostly in the middle-back part of your phone), with your hand. When you cover it, the phone emits more waves to find a proper signal. Refer to your phone manual to check the exact position of the internal antenna.
  • Use phones having low SAR (specific absorption rate.) This is a measure of how much Radio Frequency (RF) energy the body absorbs.
  • Use a 3G phone. There are reports that state that they emit lesser radio waves to the brain.
These are some of the tips you could follow, that will surely help you in the long run.
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