Jun 21, 2011

SpeedyFox: Firefox Speed Booster

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is your Firefox working slow. Does it opens in a lazy manner and slows down your work than we have a special tool for all of you SpeedyFox, is a simple utility which compresses all the saved Firefox data hence making its speed a lot better.  
whenever you install Firefox it always opens faster but as the days passes its files with huge data which makes Firefox slow so here comes the role of speedyfox to compress the data and make your Firefox faster and smoother.

Features of SpeedyFox .:

1. Boosting Firefox startup speed upto 3 times.
2. Boosting Browsing Speed.
3. Quicker Operation with Cookies.

How to use SpeedyFox .:

1. After Downloading SpeedyFox Run it.

2. You will a window like below just click on Speed Up My Firefox ! ( Remember Firefox should be close )Capture
3. Now it will run its process and within sec it will complete and give you success message like below now just enjoy faster Firefox.1
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Nitin Sutar said... [Reply]

Does your Firefox is working slowly ? Have you stuck to solve this problem ? Then this is the best way to get through it. The software tool is used for making and boosting the speed of Firefox.


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