Jun 12, 2011

Admaya- Best Alternative For Google Adsense(100% Genuine & trusted)

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AdMaya is one of the best PPC network who are based in India n US . If you are an Indian webmaster or your website has maximum traffic from India, then AdMaya will be best Adsense alternative to you. AdMaya deals in USD as well as in Indian Rupees also. So, you can get better opportunities for payment related issues. For advertisers, they can maintain their ad purchases in INR.

Why AdMaya?

Because, advertisement clicks increases when local ads are appearing in front of  a user. For example, if you are from Saskatoon of Canada and you saw an advertisement, whose location is near to your locality, then you will never go back without clicking on that ad. So, local ad matters. Hence, if you have good traffic from India or you are doing marketing in India then you must try AdMaya.

Publishers Benefits

Minimum payout is $10
Payments are processed via PayPal, Checks and Bank Transfer.  If you are an Indian webmaster then you can receive money without giving any PayPal or Check handling charges, so a single Rupee will be not wasted.
Minimum CPC is $0.02~0.03
Varieties of ad spaces are available with banner advertisements.
Ad statistics are updated realtime, so you can track your ad impressions and earning in each hour!

Advertisers Benefits

If you are looking for advertising with AdMaya then you can create ads as low as $0.025 per click.
Deposit money through PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfers. So you don’t have to worry about payment methods if you do not have a Credit Card!
They serves ads word wide, so you get better opportunity to get your business increased!

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