Jun 18, 2011

How to Flood someone Facebook Wall

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Someone annoyed you? Wanna Get Revenge? Flooding his or her Facebook wallposts might be a good idea. But how to do it? So in this tutorial I'll be showing tutorial on how to flood someone facebook wall just with a simple JavaScript coding.

Note: This tutorial is only for education. I'm not responsible for any harm that may follow. Use at your own risk.

Actually, there are a lot of way to flood someone wall. But in this tutorial, I'm only gonna show you the easiest way which is using JavaScript. If you still wanna know the other ways, just Google for it.

First of all,log into ur Facebook account or  you can create new fake account so you would not get caught. Now navigate to your victim wall. In this tutorial, The victim will be my fake account which I just created. Copy the script below and paste it on the URL bar. Next, you just need to press "Enter".

Wait for a while and a box will popup. Fill in the amount of flood. In this case I choose the message to be posted 10 times. Next, press "OK" button to continue.

A second box will popup and asked you to fill in the message you wanna post. Just put watever u like to flood your victim wall post. Now hit the "OK" button to start the flooding process

Wait for a few seconds and refresh the page and check your victim wall. You will see the result. As the proof, you can see the image below.


Note:- Please do not post too much messages because Facebook maybe will ban your account
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