Jun 12, 2011

Download torrent with IDM

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Many people have daily habit to download torrents from different sites. We know that torrents downloading is illegal because most piracy is done on internet through torrents . Even it is most famous on internet and increasing its fan following and members day by day.
So in offices, schools, banks or any public areas there are administrative rights are disabled and they giving limited (standard) account. So some places utorrent, bittorrent like torrent applications are strictly prohibited.
On @ that situation what will you do if you want to download torrents……….?
So lets discuss about this interesting matter today.
We have 4 options.
1) Torrific : – We all know about it. So just leave it.
2) Fetch .io: – A few days before I shared this. This is also a good option. But now-a-days its also not working. The bittorrent option is currently disabled by them and their service become very slow now- a- days.
Now lets discuss about 2 new options.
3) bitlet.org : – Bitlet.io is an online torrent downloader which runs entirely in your web browser. It allows you to download files using bittorrent without having to install any other third party application.
Just visit this site.
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