Sep 20, 2011

Sony Ericsson And Samsung Mobile Price List - September 2011

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Samsung Mobiles Price List-September 2011

    Samsung E2222 Chat 222 – Rs.3,221
    Samsung C5212-Rs.3,894
    Samsung S5233-Rs.5,769
    Samsung S3310-Rs.3,750
    Samsung C3010-2,500
    Samsung C3212-Rs.2,933
    Samsung B5722-Rs.7,115
    Samsung E2130-Rs.2,212
    Samsung S3370-Rs.4,808
    Samsung C3200 – Rs.3,606
    Samsung I5503 Galaxy5-Rs.8,654
    Samsung I5801 Galaxy3-Rs.11,538
    Samsung E1225-Rs.1,346
    Samsung B7722 Star Duos-Rs.10,048
    Samsung S7233 Wave723-Rs.10,817
    Samsung S5253 Wave525-Rs.6,827
    Samsung E1172-Rs.1,250
    Samsung S3653 Corby + Bluetooth-Rs.6,394
    Samsung C3222 CHAT322-Rs.3,990
    Samsung C3530 Metro-Rs.4,135
    Samsung S8530 Wave II- Rs.15,385
    Samsung E2152 M-Rs.2,644
    Samsung S3653 IKS- Rs.5,000
    Samsung S5333 Wave533-Rs.7,308
    Samsung E1252-Rs.1,663
    Samsung E1175- Rs.1,250
    Samsung I5510 Galaxy 551-Rs.12,548
    Samsung S5753 Wave575-Rs.8,413
    Samsung C3353 Chat335-Rs.5,048
    Samsung C3630-Rs.2,452
    Samsung S5263 Star II-Rs.5,769
    Samsung Galaxy S 4G-Rs.24,000(Approx)
    Samsung S5570 Galaxy Pop-Rs.8,462
    Samsung S5660 Galaxy Gio-Rs.14,300(Approx)
    Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit-Rs.10,288
    Samsung I9003 Galaxy S 4GB-Rs.19,615
    Samsung Chat 350-Rs.15,000(Approx)
    Samsung I9023 Nexus-Rs.26,635
    Samsung S5253 Wave525 Without Memory Card-Rs.6,587
    Samsung S5333 Wave533 Without Memory Card-Rs.7,019
    Samsung B7510 Galaxy Pro-Rs.9,808
    Samsung E2652 Champ Duos-Rs.4,279
    Samsung E3210-Rs.2,884
    Samsung S3850 Corby II-Rs.5,481
    Samsung S3310 Without Memory Card-Rs.3,548
    Samsung B7722 Star Duos Without Mamory Card-Rs.9,808
    Samsung S5620 Monte Without Memory Card-Rs.7,500
    Samsung C3530 Metro Without Memory Card-Rs.3,923
    Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab With Diary Case-Rs.25,481
    Samsung C3222 Chat322 Without Memory Card-Rs.3,750
    Samsung C3212 + 2GB Memory Card-Rs.3,183
    Samsung E2230 HERO + 2GB Memory Card-Rs.2,221
    Samsung E2652 Champ Duos + 2GB Memory Card-Rs.4,530
    Samsung E3210 + 2GB Memory Card-Rs.3,134
    Samsung E3213 + 2GB Memory Card-Rs.3,587
    Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus-Rs.28,000(Approx)
    Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II-Rs.30,769
    Samsung Google Nexus S 4G-Rs.28,000(Approx)
    Samsung S8530 Wave II Without Memory Card-Rs.15,096
    Samsung C3200 Without Memory Card- Rs.3,413
    Samsung C3560-Rs.4,231

Sony Ericsson Price List in India – September 2011

    Sony Ericsson Xperia W8 With Speaker – Rs.10,000
    Sony Ericsson Txt Pro – Rs.7,550
    Sony Ericsson W902–Rs.19,231 (Approx)
    Sony Ericsson W715–Rs.15,000(Approx)
    Sony Ericsson T707- Rs.15,000(Approx)
    Sony Ericsson Elm-MRP : Rs.7,692
    Sony Ericsson Hazel–Rs.8,654
    Sony ericsson XPERIA X10 mini–Rs.9,615
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini pro–Rs.12,452
    Sony Ericsson Zylo- Rs.6,538
    Sony Ericsson Spiro–Rs.4,231
    Sony Ericsson X8–Rs.11,154
    Sony Ericsson Cedar–Rs.4,327
    Sony Ericsson Yendo–Rs.5,192
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY– Rs.29,808
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro–Rs.15500
    Sony Ericsson W8–Rs.12,000 (Approx)
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini–Rs.15,000 (Approx)

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