Sep 17, 2011

Uninstall Any Program Easily Using IObit Uninstaller v2.0

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IObit Unistaller v2.0 is a small size software of just 1.2MB. The 1st I like about IObit Uninstaller 2.0 is this is a portable software so you don’t need to install a new program to uninstall another and its totally freely available

Some Important Features Of IObit Uninstaller v2.0

Large Programs
Not only “Large Programs” Uninstaller categorizes our programs into four more parts :
    Toolbars : Many consider these free toolbars coming with some programs as Crapware and Spyware! They will pile up inside our browser and silently watch what we are doing… I hate them!
    Recently Installed : Can’t remember what you installed right now? Then check this category…
    Rarely Used : You install some software but don’t actually use some of them right? For me, I formated my machine recently, so no rarely used apps for me. If you want to free some space on your disks, this might be the first place to start!
    Windows Updates : All the updates applied by Windows. Lets stay out of that territory unless you know what you are doing!

Powerful Scan

First of all, select the software you want to remove and click “Uninstall”. Now, the IObit Uninstaller v2.0 will run the default Uninstaller which comes with that software. After it does its job, IObit Uninstaller will scan your system for leftovers. It will scan both the registry and the files so that you can make sure that the junk software is gone for good! 

Forced Uninstall 
While Uninstalling, you might have recognized that there are some software in PC which does not come up in the Add/Remove Programs (Not even in the Uninstaller). Some of them don’t even have a default uninstaller! , there’s another option called “Forced Uninstall”. This Forced Uninstall option can be used to remove those spooky apps which don’t have any uninstallers. Just drag and drop the shortcut of that software (or a file related to it) into the Forced Uninstall window, then, it will detect the software you want to remove and do the job for you.

Batch Uninstall

Want to remove several apps in one shot? Tick the “Batch Uninstall” option at the top and tick the victims one by one before you hit “Uninstall”. Then, all of them will be uninstalled before it starts to scan for leftovers. 

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