Sep 9, 2011

How to Bypass Trial Period Of Softwares

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Step 1: First thing to do is uninstall the application.

Step 2: Press Windows Key+R and  Type "Regedit".

Step 3: Go to HK Local Machine => Software => Your Software name. Delete the Key.

Do this for HK Current user if there exists a key of that software.

Step 4:
Go to run type "%temp%. Delete all files. Well they are just temporary files so it won't matter, it will only clean up ur pc little bit if not anything else.

Step 5: Go to Users => Username => Appdata Check all 3 directories that is "Local", "LocalLow", "Roaming" for your software entry. Delete that.

Step 6:
Reinstall application and enjoy the next trial. Just perform this everytime trial expires.
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