Sep 16, 2011

Free Gprs On PC With MuacolytesVPN For Reliance 2G and 3G

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 Follow The Below Steps
  1. Download The MuacolytesVPN From below link
  2. Use Rocommms or MMS  Setting and connect the phone to PC
  3. Now Extract Downloaded files and open "MuacolytesVPN.exe"
  4. If it asks for Installing  TAP drivers then click on Yes
  5. After then it opens in task bar a new icon for MuacolytesVPN will appear then right click on it and click connect it will automatically get connected.
  6. Then VPn Window will be opened ( see the Image), wait for 2-3 minutes till it gets connected
  7. After it gets connected you will get message as shown in image below.

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Yusurf said... [Reply]

working with g8 speed, well done
Im getting 40kbps speed in 2g

krupesh said... [Reply]

@Yusurf thanks for comment, u are lucky that ur getting 40kbps of speed, but for me its only 20kbps :(

Anonymous said... [Reply]

im getting error as Installing TAP drivers when i open .exe file,
what to do? pls help
Im using win 7 home basic

krupesh said... [Reply]

Please at least put your name, dont comment anonymously

Run MuacolytesVPN.exe as administrator, u will not get that error anymore.

piyush said... [Reply]


krupesh said... [Reply]

Thanx for ur comment bro,Keep Visiting for latest tricks

Rajiv said... [Reply]

Is it still working?

krupesh said... [Reply]

@Rajiv Its not working Now

Rajiv said... [Reply]

Is there any trick working for reliance?

krupesh said... [Reply]

@Rajiv NO

Rajiv said... [Reply]

So sad for me :(

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