Sep 5, 2011

How to Remove TOEUW.EXE Virus/Malware

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TOEUW.EXE Causes The Following Problems
    * Writes to another Process Virtual Memory (Process Hijacking)
    * Executes a Process
    * This process creates other processes in your system.
    * Added as a Registry auto start to load Program on Boot up
    * Created as a process in your system
    * Executed as a Process

How to remove TOEUW.EXE

STEP 1. Kill/End the Toeuw.exe process on the Processes

STEP 2. Then download Combofix:

STEP 3. Create a folder in C: drive called ‘Combo’ and save the ComboFix.exe to that folder.
STEP 4. Close all other browser windows.

Note: Temporarily disable your anti-virus, real-time protection before performing a scan. They can interfere with combofix or remove some of its embedded files which may cause “unpredictable results”.
STEP 5. Go to start -> Run -> Type ‘cmd’(Without quotes) and click OK.
STEP 6. Type ‘cd\’ and Enter

STEP 7. Type ‘cd Combo’ and enter.
STEP 8. Type ‘ComboFix /snapshot’ then enter. It will run Combofix

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