Sep 10, 2011

Anyone Need Google+ Invitation??

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Hello guys, I have seen that many people still have not got Google Plus invitation, and they want try it out badly. So I want to give free invitations to everyone who wants it. You just need to reply here or Contact Us that you need an invitation. I will try to send the invitation within 12 hours or less.

Please reply here or Contact Us with a valid email id so that invitation can be sent to that email id. 
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Viraj said... [Reply]

send me

krupesh said... [Reply]


Edios said... [Reply]

Please send

krupesh said... [Reply]

@Edios Sent, check it

Anonymous said... [Reply] you send me?

krupesh said... [Reply]


Swixx Scallogger said... [Reply]


krupesh said... [Reply]

Sent To all!!

Swixx Scallogger said... [Reply]

thanks: i really appreciate it!

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