Jun 3, 2011

Play Games without Graphics card

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First of all i tell you this[swiftshader] is best than 3d analyser 
This tutorial will quickly run you through the steps  needed to use

SwiftShader tries to emulate full graphic processes such as pixel shader support, floating, rendering,
stenciling and more. It  can therefore be used to try and run some games with which 3D
Analyzer does not solve the problem. 
1. Download SwiftShader, you can get it here

2. Extract the contents into a folder.

3. Copy d3d8.dll, d3d9.dll and swiftshader.ini from the folder into the folder where the game's  executables are located (usually in the installation directory, but if your installation directory is empty,
check the subfolders inside; they usually are in the  subfolder 'bin')

4. Open up swiftshader.ini with notepad or wordpad, and edit the options as needed. Here is a
rundown of what options are there:

PixelShaderVersion=2 >> - defines maximum pixel shader version, 
e.g. 21 = 2.1, 20 = 2.0, 10 = 1.0
VertexShaderVersion= >> - defines maximum vertex shader version,
e.g. 21 = 2.1, 20 = 2.0, 10 = 1.0
TextureMemory=512 >> - defines texture memory, if games run too slow, try changing to 1024 (only if you have 1GB of RAM)

VertexRoutineCacheSi >> - According to your available RAM
PixelRoutineCacheSize >> - According to your available RAM
SetupRoutineCacheSiz >> - According to your available RAM
VertexCacheSize=64 >> - 1/8 of the Available RAM

TextureSampleQuality >> - don't touch it, lowering sample quality will not improve performance
MipmapQuality=0 >> - it defaults at 0, so don't touch it 
PerspectiveQuality=2 >> - 0 Disable, 1 Normal, 2 High. The higher the value the higher required
TranscendentalPrecisi >>- 0 Disable, 1 Normal, 2 High. The higher value the Higher required resources
ThreadCount=0 >> - change to 2 if you have dual core, 4 for quad core, or leave it at 1 for single core
EnableSSE2=1 >> - 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled, leave it enabled
EnableSSE3=1 >> - 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled, leave it enabled
EnableSSSE3=1 >> - 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled, leave it enabled

5. Run the game! If  it's an old game, it should run smooth. Newer games usually run at choppy rates,
usually unplayable.

Have fun! An Alternative to increase the performance with games that DO NOT NEED Swshader to
run is to PUT only one of the TWO DLLs d3d8.dll, or d3d9.dll in the folder of the game, depending on the game d3d8.dll or d3d9.dll only one of them will increse the performance with the .ini
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